On this page you can find an overarching schedule of everything happening at SwampCon: Opulence and Intrigue. To make reading easier, we have broken down event and panel descriptions into separate pages based on what category they fall into:

To read more about our main events, see our Events page. To read more about our AMV and Costume Contests, see our Contests page.

To read more about our panels and Lecture Series, see our Lectures and Panels page.

Panels and events presented by guests are included in their relevant pages, but you can also see all our guest presentations together on our 2021 Guest Appearances page.

Some artists and vendors from our Artist Alley and Vendor Hall will be livestreaming during the con. To check the stream schedule, see our Artist and Vendor Streams page.

Where to Watch Everything

Mirroring our in-person convention, SwampCon 2021 will be presented across many websites and streams.

Our main events and contests will be broadcast live on Twitch. To tune in, visit twitch.tv/swampconofficial during the posted times.

Our live panels will be broadcast live on Discord. We have two discord panel rooms, Room 1 and Room 2. There will be a voice chat channel that you can enter, and a text channel where you can chat while the panel is taking place. To attend these panels, join our official Discord when it opens, and look for the category titled “Panel Rooms”.

Our pre-recorded panels will be premiered on YouTube. We have three YouTube “panel rooms”, but all panels will be uploaded to the same channel. They will go live at the scheduled time, and stay up afterward for you to watch at your leisure. To see them, visit our official YouTube channel at or after the scheduled time!

Our artist and vendor streams will be broadcast live on Discord. In addition to our live panel channels, we have an artist and vendor stream channel and chatroom. Join our discord, and look for the category titled “Artist Streams”.