SwampCon 2021 is online!

The SwampCon staff are pleased to present our first-ever online convention! Stay safe and cozy at home, and let us bring our classic lineup of events, contests, guests, artists and vendors, and panels right to your computer.

Where to Find Us

Our online event will be presented using Twitch, YouTube, and Discord. We will be livestreaming performances and interactive shows on Twitch all day long, posting pre-recorded panels on YouTube, and connecting with you and our artists and vendors on Discord.

For a better idea of what events will be posted where, please check out our Schedule of Events.

How to Attend

The best way to attend SwampCon is to join our official Discord, which will open at 9:00AM on May 1st. We will be posting live updates and reminders for all of our events there. Check here, on our homepage, or on our social media to get the join link!

For those of you who’ve never used Discord, it’s pretty easy to get up to speed! To make a Discord account, go to discord.com. Making an account is entirely free. Once you have an account, you can use Discord in your browser, or you can download their desktop application. When you’re logged in to Discord, all you have to do to join our server is click the invite link, which we’ll post right here for you!

Twitch and YouTube can be used without making an account! Just follow the links to our page, and you’ll be able to catch our events as they are broadcast.

We also ask that you register for free on our Eventbrite page. While you can attend the convention without registering, we present data from our registration page to to our Student Government to secure funding for SwampCon. Additionally, those who register through Eventbrite will be entered into a drawing for a free SwampCon 2021 t-shirt!