Artists in our Artist Alley and Vendors in our Vendor’s Hall will be hosting livestreams throughout the convention where they will showcase their art and talk more about what it means to be a creator. All artist and vendor streams will take place on Discord, in our Artist Stream Room.

To shop from all our artists and vendors, please check out our Artist Alley and Vendor Hall.

To view our full convention schedule, please see our Schedule.


Artstream with Faye from Witchcrafts (12:00PM-2:00PM) : Join Faye from Witchcrafts as they work on commissions!

Live Crafting with Wills Woodworking (12:00PM-5:00PM) : Join Wills Woodworking as he builds tabletop accessories, provides demonstrations, and answers questions! Note: This stream will take place on the official Wills Woodworking Twitch channel.

Artstream with Pitohui from Witchcrafts (2:30PM-4:30PM) : Join Pitohui from Witchcrafts as they work on commissions!

Character Creation and Mystery Unboxing with Pure Alchemy Soaps (5:00PM-6:00PM) : Smell like your Tabletop RPG character — join Pure Alchemy Soaps in creating a character and mystery unboxing with their custom soaps. Do you know what a neutral good elf fighter smells like? Or how about a chaotic evil goblin barbarian? Now you can!

Historical Elements in Character Design with Glam Garbage Goods (6:30PM-7:30PM) : Character designers for fantasy media draw inspiration from a variety of sources, and history is a major one. This stream will be a look at how media like Dungeons and Dragons and others utilize historical clothing design elements to build their characters and worlds. The first part will be more of an interactive lecture, and the second will be designing a character using historical elements we choose together!


Fubblers Creature Feature (10:00AM-11:00AM) : Come chat while watching Fubblers create cute cryptid critters.

Drawing Hot Anime Boys with ArtsyPosey (11:00AM-12:00PM) : Drawing and taking commissions to draw hot anime boys! Please consider donating to my Kofi for your own hot anime boy commissions and so I can obtain hot anime boy ZHONGLI in Genshin impact. https://ko-fi.com/artsyposey

Interactive Character Creation with Witch Crafts (12:00PM-1:00PM) : Join Witch Crafts as they build and design a character using suggestions from the audience!

Self Publishing: How to Tackle Writing, Creating, and Publishing Your Dream Novel with E.S. Barrison (1:30PM-2:30PM) : Join E.S. Barrison, author of The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice, as she talks through her self publication experience and offers advice.

Painting Soren’s Base Colors with NerdyOatmeal (3:00PM-4:00PM) : Painting Soren from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on an 11″ x 14″ canvas.

Art Stream with Faye from Witch Crafts (4:30PM-5:30PM) : Join Faye from Witch Crafts as they work on commissions!

Chill Drawing Time: Webcomic Edition with CBK Designs (5:30-6:30PM) : Join me while I work on my webcomic, Disbelievers on Webtoon! I’ll talk you through my process, answer questions, and show you some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered while working on my comic.