Artist Alley Room 3315

Dare to Dice

My name is Aly, a current student at UF majoring in computer science! This is my frist time bringing Dare to Dice to a convention and I’m so excited. I love all thins D&D, so feel free to come by the booth and chat with me, or just roll some dice.

Stages of Mania

Hey y’all, I’m Dan.
Looking forward to a great
time a Swampcon.
Feel free to check me out
on Instagram & Etsy
Just a heads up: Always
down to trade to trade
junk for for merch

Rad Jinja-art

Heya everyone, Jinja here! Im so glad to be back at Swampcon again!! I create and sell fan art as well as original monster/TTRPG themed artwork as, art prints, stationery items, keychains, buttons, apparel and drinkware! My inventory for SwampCon will be limited but heres some examples of what I’ll have on hand!

myfebronia and mistenart

Hello Swampcon ♥
We are so back
We’ve got a lot of merch for various fandoms and love to chat about them! Stop by and browse our new stuff ♥
Common fandoms at our table: FFXIV, DnD/CritRole, WoW, nostalgia games/anime + some new originals!

zorina art

Hello all! I’m Zoe, aka Zorina Art! This will be my first time vending at Swampcon and I’m super excited to be there! I mainly sell prints, stickers and charms of my original artwork. See you at the show!

Electricfrank3n and starfloatt

HEY!! My name’s Frankie (he/him), and I like heavy metal and spooky stuff – I make comics and draw silly monsters! I’m stoked to be coming back this year, and yet again I have lots of new stuff. It’s also my table partners first year at swampcon !! Please feel free to come and say hi to us 🙂
HELLOOO i’m lucas (aka starfloat) and i’m so excited to table at swampcon for the first time! I offer a mix of anime and video game merch, but i love to put bright colors into everything I make.

Artist Alley Room 3320


Hello everyone! I go by Hiyomii online and I love to draw cute colorful original art and fanart as well as illustrative backgrounds! This is my first swampcon and I’m excited to attend! I will have prints, stickers, greeting cards and keychains. I will be in room 3320! Side note, My next con after this will be at Sakura Con in Seattle. If you happen to be going, hope to see you there as well! Below link is to my socials and online stores

Star Sketch

Hey everyone! I’m Randall or Star Sketch online. I’m excited to attend SwampCon!

Westwind Artistry

Hey y’all! I’m Remy, and I run Westwind Artistry. I make all kinds of fun fanart and trinkets. Make sure to check me out in room 3320!


Hi everyone! My name is Lalaine and I run my small business “Lalaineartgeek”! I primarily focus on character art from different fandoms and original ideas and turn them into stationary merch, such as prints, stickers & keychains. I would love to dive more into original designs eventually! You can find all of my socials + shop here! I can’t wait to attend SwampCon for my second year in a row!! See you all there!

Felis Studios

My Name is Taylor and I am VERY excited to be an artist at swampcon this year!
A little about me:
Swampcon will be my third time attending a convention as an artist
I have been cosplaying for 10 years
I am a student studying Game Art and Development
I love to travel!

Witch Crafts

Welcome! Witch Crafts is a team of three artists each with our own styles and specialties! We sell a variety of posters and stickers, as well as various styles of commissions.


Thanks for stopping by! Swampcon is my all time favorite convention to table at. In fact, it was the first con I ever tabled at about 6 years ago. It’s also always around the same time as my birthday so that’s a plus! If you’d like to follow me and my work or get updates on where I’ll be next then hit me up on my socials down below: (copy and paste the Youtube one. I promise it’s real lol)

Kiyashire and Shockyky


Hi! My name is Allura and I’ve been running Moon Snail since 2019 🧡 Most of my designs are inspired by anime or book, with the occasional kpop influence. In my shop, I primarily sell acrylic charms, standees, enamel pins, sticker sheets, and prints! My favorite anime is Haikyuu and my favorite books are the All For The Game series so you will find a lot of merch for those two fandoms specifically!

Anna Jano

Hi SwampCon! I’m Anna Jano. I draw strange foresty things influenced by nature, Japanese mythology, and Art Nouveau. Nice to meet you!

SHOW DEALS: Get $10 off when you buy 2 small art prints OR Get $20 off when you buy 2 large art prints.

I’ll be at my table in Artist Alley Room 3320 all weekend. Come say hi and browse. No purchase necessary. All are welcome!

Find me online: