Welcome to SwampCon’s virtual Artist Alley! On this page, you will find a basic overview of all of our artists, including links to their websites, storefronts, and social media pages.

For a more interactive Artist Alley experience, we encourage you to join our official Discord! That’s also the only place you can participate in our artists’ livestreams.

Our Artist Alley is divided into Blocks A through E. You can imagine these like aisles at a physical convention! The following artists can be found in each block:

BLOCK A: Anna Jano, Moon Snail, NerdyOatmeal, and Glam Garbage Goods
BLOCK B: AOQ Art, Pure Alchemy Soaps, Witchcrafts, VaguelyMJ, and Keimeko
BLOCK C: noodlenavi and tashimione, SGB Designs, Wolfpai Creations, SEGAMew Studio, and ArtsyPosey
BLOCK D: Oni Horns, shockyky, Star Prince Empire, RayRayGumiChan, and Don’t Panic! Planet
BLOCK E: kiyashire, Will’s Woodworking, Do Furbies Dream of SCP?, CBK Designs, and Little Nelli’s

For any questions, please contact