SwampCon’s Music Video, Cosplay, Dance, and Lip-Sync Contests return for 2023!

For our full event and panel schedule, please consult our Events and Panels pages.

Music Video Contest

Do you love to edit music videos? Join our music video contest! Our music video contest has one winner, awarded the title of Best Music Video. For more information and to read all the rules, see below. You can sign up here.

Dance Contest

Are you a dancer? Have you memorized the choreography to your favorite idol or K-pop song? Join our Dance Contest! For more information, check out the rules below. Sign up here!

Costume Contest

Cosplayers of all levels are welcome to join our Costume Contest, which is judged by a selection of previous winners and cosplay guests. Our Costume Contest has six winners: Best in Show, Best Craftsmanship, Best Group, and three Judge’s Awards. For more information, check out the rules below. Sign up here!

1v1 Lip Sync Battle

It’s like karaoke for people who can’t stand their own voice! For more information, check out the rules below. Sign up here!

Contest Policy

As fun as it is to be wild and free, we still have to follow the rules. The following apply to all contests and contestants:

  • All contestants must be registered attendees of SwampCon and possess a SwampCon Convention Badge.
  • It is up to the contestant to state any possible conflicts of interest they may have. Such conflicts will be evaluated by the Contest Chair, and appropriate action will be taken at the discretion of the Contest Chair and SwampCon staff.
  • All awards are final with the exception of those who are found to have been in violation of the rules.
  • All contestants are expected to follow SwampCon policies and codes of conduct. This includes not engaging in Harassment of judges / staff / other contestants, poor sportsmanship, misrepresenting this contest, or otherwise spreading misinformation.  These may result in disqualification and/or barring from future SwampCon contests.  Further action may be taken at the discretion of programming staff.
  • And remember, have fun!