BlazedSirenOffical also known as Vesper, is a local Cosplayer from Jacksonville FL. They have been cosplaying for 3 years, and are in multiple fandoms including Genshin Impact, Star Rail, Bungo Stray Dogs, Black Butler, Chainsaw Man, JJK, and many others. Vesper specializes in wig styling, make-up (including sfx), and photography. BlazedSirenOfficial is also a gamer who enjoys various titles such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, We Happy Few, BG3, Diablo, Borderlands, and many more. Their other hobbies include reading, karaoke, making tiktoks, and hanging with friends. This is their debut as a cosplay guest, so feel free to stop and give them a warm welcome if you see them while you’re here this year!

Shieru Doll, also known as Jules, is an award-winning cosplayer, character performer and seamstress based out of Central Florida. Jules has been actively cosplaying since he was very young and hand sewing their own costumes since 2011. Throughout the years they’ve worked on numerous intricate cosplays from anime, video games, and fairytales, with their most notably recognized cosplay being InuYasha.

Damon Thomas grew up in a swamp. Dixie County, Florida. Here he read harsh works like Harry Crews’ “A Feast of Snakes” and recognized the people. The settings. But he wasn’t there. This led Damon to begin writing himself in around the edges of this genre “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”-style. Short pieces on how the bookish might pass time in a Southern Gothic setting. “More Snakes Than People” lets you see Dixie County. Damon partners with a snake oil peddling Nick Dunkenstein to pair images with stories. A Rural Gloom Graphic Novel.

Hi! I’m Quinn, I’m a needlework and electronic focused cosplayer who’s had the opportunity to compete in and judge a few contests. I’m based here in Gainesville and I’m social coordinator of Gator Cosplay. I enjoy balloon art and giving it out at conventions. I’m very passionate about spreading smiles and making people laugh!

PikaBelleChu has been cosplaying for over 25 years, constructing over 85 cosplays through the years. Most known for Pokémon she has also cosplayed from horror, sci-fi, Disney and other Anime characters. She also appeared in numerous magazines, on tv and other social media through the years and also in the Guinness Book of World Records for her “Chuseum” consisting now with over 23,000 Pikachus that take up residence in her home. Her “PikaBug” which you can see at numerous events including conventions, movie theater premieres, kids events and birthday parties, store appearances as well as official Pokémon events has now turned 24 years old, still making smiles on the open road. When not cosplaying she also teaches art classes and paints murals in businesses and private homes as well as taking commissions for her art and making others cosplays.

Hello! My name is Jaxsin, I’m 20 years old and I’m a Central Florida cosplayer (who primarily uses tiktok for posting content). The main fandom I cosplay from is Creepypasta! I love to do horror makeup and bring peoples’  favorite characters from the old fandom to life. I also cosplay from a lot of animes and other video game fandoms (such as FNAF, shown in the photo is my phone guy cosplay)! I’ve been cosplaying for about 4 years now and I primarily focus on makeup, video editing transitions, and some acting. I try to create my cosplays from scratch and with things around my closet. 🙂 So excited to meet you all at SwampCon 2024! Tags for tiktok and Instagram: @thatonecarmela

Meet D3KUniverse, a vibrant and dynamic group of five creative individuals [Zu Kitty, Thee Kare Bear, Deon Durr, Azazus, and Verglas Prince] who have come together to form a unique collective that is making waves in the world of cosplay, nerdcore, and beyond. The group’s name stands for Dreams Don’t Die Krew, representing their shared belief in the power of dreams and creativity. Together, they are the founders of a brand new cosplay and nerdcore party event in Gainesville called Nerd-U.

Britt Ever After who specializes in princesses is also a professional mermaid, certified freediver and character performer under her own photography & character entertainment company. When not cosplaying she loves to create apparel and accessories for her other business Britt Renee and Co. Britt is most recognizable for her princess characters and loves putting smiles on everyone’s faces. 😁 

Beyond the World is a man of many skills, which range from Artwork to voice acting, and cosplay of course! You’ll find that he is very giving in terms of advice, prizes, and will even recommend excellent sources for cosplay materials. Feel free to ask questions, take photos, maybe see his artwork that is available. And remember, Stay Great, Stay Powerful.

Meet Azazus, an American music artist who has carved a niche in the music industry with his unique Anime-Rap style. His music gained notable recognition among content creators on TikTok and Youtube in 2020. A seasoned performer, Azazus has graced stages at numerous Anime festivals and conventions, including Anime Festival Orlando, Metrocon, and WasabiCon. In 2021, he was the most-nominated artist at the 1st Tri-County Florida Awards, where he won an award for Best Music Video.

Alyssa began her cosplay journey back in 2016, but didn’t start making her own costumes until 3 years ago. From there, she quickly fell in love with the craft, and has been creating cosplay ever since. When she’s not fighting the sewing machine, you can find her walking around the house singing showtunes.