Look at all these wonderful people you can meet and interact with if you come to Swampcon 2023: Pantheon!


Brookewormcosplay is a published cosplayer who has been in the community for 8 years and counting. She has had the pleasure of guesting and judging at local conventions.

She views cosplay as a force that can help uplift and inspire others as it did for her and should be accessible to all. Her aim is to create a positive space by using her platform to speak out against discrimination of all kinds and educate about how to create a community in which everyone can feel comfortable. Brooke is grateful to have a community that encourages her to continue learning new things and improving herself.


PikaBelleChu has been cosplaying for over 25 years with over 100 cosplays created throughout the years. Most known for her passion and dedication to Pokémon she has also cosplayed other characters from other anime, video games, disney and movies. She is world known as the ultimate Pikachu fan collecting over 22,000 collectables of the little electric mouse from Japan and was in the Guinness Book of World Records and several other forms of media in magazines and on tv for her dedication. When not doing her Pokémon thing at conventions and events she teaches art classes to kids and does children’s birthday parties.

Nicki Mirage

Nicki Mirage is a Florida-based Drag Queen, Cosplayer, and Content Creator with a PhD! Nicki can be found performing all over Gainesville and all over the internet. They have been doing drag for over 9 years and variety streaming for over 3 years.  They are a Twitch Partner, popular TikToker, Founder and Co-Producer of the SwampCon Drag Show, and Producer and Co-Host of the digital drag show Two Girls, One Webcam. Catch them three times a week at Twitch.tv/QueenNickiMirage!

Theives Guilde

Thieves Guilde Productions is a volunteer acting troupe based in Gainesville, Florida. We re-enact battles of yore, when good conquered evil and the bad guys wore black. We perform at various events, bringing classic tales and brand-new stories to life, allowing visiting patrons a chance to step back in time to the Medieval and Renaissance periods or into entirely new galaxies far, far away. Through choreographed stunt combat exhibitions — including but not limited to living chessboards and larger-than-life characters — we create a world in which chivalry still lives.


Howdy! I’m a central Florida cosplayer who is absolutely stoked to be attending! I specialize in the crafting side of things, such as sewing, foam work, wigs, and a whole lot more. Performing is also a major passion of mine!! Feel free to stop me if you see me at the event!


Hello there, I’m LunarNoir. I’ve been a cosplayer for over four years now! I specialize in Wig styling, prop work, and sewing! 

Todd Langen

Todd Langen was freshly out of college at 23 years old and working on the Space Shuttle for Hughes Aircraft Company, two weeks in he decided that what he really wanted to do with his life was to be a screenwriter. His first sale was an episode of Pursuit of Happiness, a television comedy series. He soon became a regular writer of The Wonder Years. His biggest success would come when Langen was hired to work on the film adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The original treatment of 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was written by Bobby Herbeck; Langen was called in to do a “Page One rewrite,” that is, a complete revision based on a screenplay that a studio had deemed interesting bur unworkable as submitted. Langen and Herbeck did not work together and did not meet until the film opened. He is listed first in the credits. Langen would then return to write the sequel in 1991.


Todd (@InquisitiveMeows and creator behind @ImJustALyre) is a Cosplayer and Artist from Tampa, Florida. He has been creating cosplays for over a decade and is presently focusing on his new drag project, Lyre. Lyre will be performing in the Greenhorn Drag production on Sunday at 3pm so come drop by to bare witness to Lyre’s Sunday serve-ices (and a fantastic lineup of more drag acts)! 

Welcome to the next level of virtual reality

Infinity VR Games brings virtual reality gaming to a new level. Using state-of-the-art technology, immerse yourself in gaming experiences unlike anything else. Race against the clock in one of the virtual reality escape rooms, where teamwork and quick thinking are key. Battle your friends in our epic fantasy player-vs-player shooter games that are sure to get your blood pumping.

We bring the fun to you! Infinity VR is a mobile virtual reality experience that comes to your business, organization, party, school, or church. Raise the level of excitement of any event or gathering with Infinity VR Games!

URGE Game Room

We are URGE (University Rhythm Game Enthusiasts), the official rhythm gaming club of UF! Our goal is to bring together rhythm gamers at UF and create a space for students to make friends and explore new rhythm games. URGE allows UF students to expose themselves to the various subcultures of rhythm games while meeting a diverse group of people who share the same interests.


My name is Hanna also known as Takeo.cos. I have been a cosplayer for ten years off and on. I have a big passion for the creativity of costuming and bringing characters to life. I believe it has the ability to bring people together and find friends with similar interests that help nurture the creativity inside of all of us. 

I have been a guest cosplayer, judge, and a published cosplayer in a magazine.


Seoulmates was formed by Emily Stanton and Rachel Seaman in 2013. It started as a local radio show on GrowRadio.org and evolved into a podcast in 2015. Twice a month, Emily and Rachel discuss the latest in K-pop, anime, dramas and nerd culture in their half hour podcast. Check out Seoulmates Podcast at anchor.fm/seoulmatespodcast.


Inertia is a Florida based drag entertainer and popular content creator. They have been doing drag for 5 years and can be found performing all over Gainesville. Inertia is a show producer at the University Club and co-producer of Two Girls, One Webcam on twitch. If you don’t catch Inertia at a show, you can always catch her streaming on twitch or posting on her popular TikTok account! 


Dennis Lee Walton Jr, better known professionally as Azazus, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer born on January 14, 1993, in Mobile, Alabama (now based in Gainesville, FL). He has performed at music festivals with a wide variety of musical acts including Breakthrough Award winning artist Princess Nokia, Big Freedia, and more. He has developed a number of projects including: 24+ singles, and contributed to over 17+ featured guest appearances on albums ranging from Rap, Pop, Alternative, Anime to EDM music until now. 2010 he was developing his sound, in 2016 he started releasing music under the alias Azazus, and has been touring around the state of Florida since then. He has appeared at many Anime festivals and conventions such as Anime Festival Orlando, Metrocon, and others. Azazus released music on TikTok and YouTube during 2020 that became notable among content creators using the app. The total TikTok streams accumulated over a million views from content creators using his sounds. The artist documented many of the viral moments on the highlight section of his verified Instagram profile. Azazus has since been creating a wave in entertainment through the Nerdcore genre of music.