William Hatfield


William Hatfield was born in a small town in northern Michigan and attended Western Michigan University, getting a degree in history and communications. Musical engagements led him to Gainesville, Florida, where he continues to live with his wife Karen and their two feline daughters.

One of William’s current projects is writing the scripts to turn his first Key West novel, “Menu for Murder,” into the first season of a streaming series. The first season is projected to have fourteen episodes, and he is spending the spring writing them. The producer has found financing and a number of streaming services eager to carry it.

Rumor is, he may have grown up, but it seems unlikely.
He loves to travel via writing fiction, whether it be science fiction in outer space or LGBTQ+ in Key West.
Although he is known as Bill on Facebook and to many of his friends, he writes as William, and his books can be found on his Amazon Author Website.
Amazon.com: William Hatfield: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle



Seoulmates Podcast is hosted by Emily and Rachel, best friends and giant nerds. Every week they cover topics on the world of Kpop, anime, dramas and other facets of nerd culture. Seoulmates started as a local radio show on Grow Radio and evolved into a podcast in 2015. Since then, Emily and Rachel have been presenting panels and spreading their love of Kpop throughout conventions in the Southeast. You can tune into the show on anchor.fm/seoulmatespodcast or via iTunes and Spotify.

Nicki Mirage


Nicki Mirage is a Florida-based drag queen, cosplayer, and Twitch Partner with a PhD! They have been doing drag for over 8 years and variety streaming for nearly 3 years. They were known in their local scene as “The Five Dollar Fornicator of Drag” and for the price of a Tier 1 Twitch subscription, you MIGHT find out why! Catch them three times a week at Twitch.tv/QueenNickiMirage!


@kiicosplays on Insta

Kii is a 22  year old cosplayer from Jacksonville, Florida. They have built a following online by spreading awareness and education about disability within the cosplay and convention scene. They have been cosplaying since 2011, and  have presented and guested at cons all along the east coast. They are completely self taught, and have gained a wide variety of skills in cosplay construction, presentation, and performing. They have become known internationally for their “This Photo Was Taken Without Consent” buttons, which cosplayers across the world have purchased to feel safer at conventions. They have taken pride in creating an online community that is both educational and fun.


@donutkun on Insta

Donutkun is a 23 year old cosplayer residing in North Carolina. He has been cosplaying and attending conventions over 5 years and takes great pride and joy from the hobby. While he hasn’t participated in cosplay contests as of yet, he hopes to improve his craft in many aspects this year and work his way to it by early 2022. He’s been working to make significant improvements to various elements such as wig styling, makeup, sewing and crafting. He hopes to inspire those around him and prove that not only is cosplay for everyone regardless of race or gender, but also that cosplayers that look similar to him aren’t limited to specific portrayals and character types.



cbt_cosplay is a 23 year old cosplayer from Ocala who has been cosplaying for nearly 12 years. He has been competing in contests for the last 5 years and plans to continue doing so. He found he enjoyed competitive cosplay after placing in 3rd with a close friend with their skit entry, since then he has won Best in Show, Excellence, and a second place award. One of his favorite parts of cosplaying is small details, he enjoys taking time to add small details into his cosplays as well as intricate designs. While he has a wide rage of skills and is always willing to learn more, he takes pride in his sewn cosplays and prefers making them over armor work. He also enjoys passing on tips and tricks to newer cosplayers, sharing information and techniques is part of the fun of cosplay, everyone has something they can learn and he loves being able to help people find their enjoyment in cosplay by helping to make their time crafting easier.

Avera Cosplays

@avera_cosplays on Insta

Avera and her family have been cosplaying for about 5 years, they focus on foam armor crafting and prop making. Avera loves horribly uncomfortable foam builds, and believes sitting down is for the weak. Most of their work is related to video games, Disney or nostalgic cartoons. They love taking characters and mashing them up with other characters or fandoms. Avera has been competing in cosplay for 3 years and competes at the master level. She has been a finalist in armor at Blizzcon Online as well as Ultimate Online Cosplay Competition, and GamesCom. Her work was also recognized with best in category Dragon Con, SuperCon, and Megacon. Her goal is to continue to grow in the craft and her skills. Everyone starts somewhere and no one is where they want to be yet. The journey is the fun part!



Todd (@InquisitiveMeows) is a Florida cosplayer and Professional Tailor. Todd has been creating cosplay for a decade including the likes of Spinel of Steven Universe, Grover of the Percy Jackson series, Daisy Mae of Animal Crossing New Horizon, Inuyasha, and many many more! Todd will be hosting “Casual Cosplay Workshop: BYO Projects” in Panel Room 4 in room 2330. The panel is a cosplay workshop where you can receive help and guidance from a seasoned cosplayer on your own projects. The panel is open to all skill levels!


Brookewormcosplay is a multicoastal cosplayer who had been in the community for 7 years. She is always striving to improve with her current focuses being learning to style wigs and to improve her sewing skills. She deeply values the sense of community among cosplayers and hopes to continue to make others feel welcomed and valued. She tries to be speak on her platform about issues facing those with mental health struggles and other neurodivergences. She aims to show that anyone can cosplay with an emphasis on growing in a healthy way. She strives to create a positive space for all.


Cory Evan Laub is an illustrator and writer living in south Florida. A specialist in the fields of cartoon art, comic book design, fiction writing, and scholastic journalism, Cory has been a fixture of the art education circuit since the 1990s.

He holds a B.A. in English from the University of Florida, and trained for two years at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey. During his college years Cory held an internship in the Marvel Comics editorial department, and in his senior year at UF he founded the undergraduate comics club there. He regularly appears in comic book convention Artist Alleys, most notably MegaCon in Orlando, FL.

In 2007 he produced his first comic book, a war story titled Rough Draft. In addition to his full time job as an English teacher, Cory has since 2007 run the Comic Book Design course at the Coral Springs Museum of Art; in 2015 he co-organized Comics Fest Coral Springs, the museum’s first comics convention. His Cartooning with Cory classes have become a staple of day camp, library, and aftercare programs throughout south Florida.

Cory is excited to make his first appearance at SwampCon 2022. His website, CoryLaub.com, will officially launch in late spring 2022, and his new webcomic, The Human Spirit, will debut there in July.


Inertia, or NershNersh if you’re nasty, is the scientific anomaly of drag and the dumb-bitch of twitch! By day Inertia is an Aerospace Engineer, by night she’s a glamour clown with a passion to entertain. You can expect comedy, cosplay, and high energy when you see Inertia perform!


Formed in 2008 under the name “The Game Show Gurus” and having undergone an structural change and rebranding in 2018, American Whammy Productions (previously known as Florida Whammy Enterainment) is a not-for-profit professional organization that designs, creates, operates, and performs various interactive entertainment events for conventions.

Specializing in Game Shows, their highly experienced team have created and developed game shows, panels, and other original programming for a number of regionally and nationally known fan conventions and events focusing and specializing in a variety of genres in popular culture, Japanese culture, science-fiction culture, and other various cultures and fandoms alongside also making appearances in community events as well.

American Whammy Productions has been producing panels and shows for over 10 years! Their unparalleled experience in multiple aspects of conventions ensures and allows them to be prepared for any unexpected request and lets them keep a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the future.

They are happy to be a part of any convention all while bringing lots of fun, excitement, entertainment, education, and prizes everywhere we go!

You can follow them on their Facebook at American Whammy Productions with more social media outlets coming soon.


Next Stage Festivals is a collaborative project started by long-time performers from the Florida idol community (and surrounding areas) who have found a passion for event running! 

You can stay up to date on applications for events we’re hosting, information about sponsorships and groups we are partnering with though our social medias! 

Our goal is to give as many people opportunities to preform as possible! We believe everyone deserves as stage to shine on! We also want to be a place for open collaboration and be able to be a resource to help others plan there own events as well!


Thieves Guilde Productions is a volunteer acting troupe based in Gainesville, Florida. We re-enact battles of yore, when good conquered evil and the bad guys wore black. We perform at various events, bringing classic tales and brand-new stories to life, allowing visiting patrons a chance to step back in time to the Medieval and Renaissance periods or into entirely new galaxies far, far away. Through choreographed stunt combat exhibitions — including but not limited to living chessboards and larger-than-life characters — we create a world in which chivalry still lives.


Cospoi formed in 2017 with the help of some knee socks, tennis balls, and big dreams. Since that faithful day in the Reitz Union Breezeway they have performed at SakuraNatsu, SwampCon, InfinityCon, and the Frank 2020 conference. Based in beautiful North Central Florida, Cospoi is a performance group focused in poi, dance, acting, and partner acrobatics. Their name comes from “cosplay” and “poi” coming together to create both fandom-inspired and original stories on the stage. Cospoi has done Vocaloid, Avatar, and anime inspired shows alongside wholly original work. They hope you will enjoy their brand new Sunday afternoon show inspired by The Magnus Archives podcast!


PikaBelleChu has been cosplaying for over 22 years now and most known for her passion and dedication to Pokémon. With over 80 Pokémon cosplays created through the years she has worn to conventions, kids events, parades, car shows, official Pokémon events, parades and appearances at hospitals, camps and schools to entertain children. She has also appeared in many forms of media including TV, newspapers, magazines and even was in the Guinness Book of World Records for her continuing Chuseum of over 22,000 collectables of Pikachu. Even though Pokémon is her main thing she’s known for she has also cosplayed other characters from Disney to other Anime to Horror and Scify. When not cosplaying she paints murals in private homes and businesses and teaches children arts and crafts at local craft stores.

Mx Bubbles

Mx Bubbles is Gainesville’s own bio-degradable, semi-inflatable, gender-debatable ghost with the most! Since 2017, they have been drawing influence from their love of cosplay, burlesque, drag, circus, and the alternative to create something special for every audience. Mx Bubbles has performed across Florida for years as well as traveled as far as Washington, D.C. to perform alongside Cosplay Burlesque at Katsucon in 2019. When they’re not on stage, they can be found slurping sweet tea in the corner of the nearest McDonald’s as they show their self insert fanart to strangers and explain how they totally could’ve written a better ending for that one high school murder mystery sequel.

No matter how far they travel, Swampcon is always their home base and they’re bursting at the seams for this year’s drag show!