From the Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning to the Lip Sync contest Sunday night, Swampcon is jam packed of events. Here you can find the schedule of our main events as well as our recommended age ratings! For our schedule of panels, please check our panels page.


Opening Ceremonies | G | 10:30am-11:00am | Grand Ballroom

Join us in opening up SwampCon’s 13th year and in welcoming our new mascot!!

Maid Cafe | G | 11:00am-2:00pm | Rion West

Join the SwampCon Maid Cafe for free sweet treats and dancing! Our maids and butlers serve guests in 15 minute sessions with eight people to a table.

TGP Presents: Cirque of Danger | PG | 11:00am & 1:00pm | North Lawn

The wacky members of the Guilde bring out their best performers but as usual they break down and wind up fighting each other instead. Stage combat and humor collide with steampunk and circue!

SwampCon’s Idol Fest | PG | 2:00pm-4:30pm | Grand Ballroom

Join SwampCon’s Idol Fest’s 6th year with our largest show yet! Bring your light wands to cheer on the beautiful muses of SwampCon with live song and dance that is sure to enchant you. Hosted with the generous work of Next Stage!

[Light sensitivity warning for event.]

Theatre Strike Force | PG | 4:30pm-5:30pm | Rion West

Lights! Camera! Comedy! Join the gang of theater strike as they dazlle your eyes with sketch comedies of many forms. Allow yourself to sit back and have some laughs with the gang!

Vocaloid: Best of Swampcon | PG | 5:30-6:30pm | Grand Ballroom

Join Hatsune Miku and all her friends for SwampCon’s Vocaloid Concert, featuring her greatest Swampcon hits from previous years!

[Light sensitivity warning for event.]

SwampCon’s Dance Contest | G | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Rion West

Join us for the third year of SwampCon’s Dance Contest! Groups and soloists will compete to win in this awesome dance battle!

SwampCon Drag Show | PG-13 | 8:30pm-11:00pm | Grand Ballroom

You’ve waited all year to come and scream for these queens, and you don’t have to wait any longer! Enjoy the performances of 12 incredible queens with your hosts Nicki Miraage and Inertia!


Maid Cafe 2: Second Round | G | 11:00am-1:00pm | Rion West

Join the SwampCon Maid Cafe for free sweet treats and dancing! Our maids and butlers serve guests in 15 minute sessions with eight people to a table.

Paradox Live! | PG-13 | 3:30pm – 5:00pm | Grand Ballroom

Get ready for Paradox Live!! You win’t want to muiss this- This special event is hosted byh Next Stage! We hope you all are ready for these idols who have been putting in the work preparing for this performance!

Costume Contest | G | 3:30pm-5:30pm | Rion West

Show off your legendary constuming skills with SwampCon: Cirque de Gator’s Costume Contest!

Cospoi: FANtastic Circus! | PG-13 | 5:30pm-7:00pm | Grand Ballroom

Come one, come all to the amazing, the FANtastic circus LIVE on SwampCon’s stage! Our Ringmaster has prepared a showcase concoction of fandoms new and old for your view pleasure! From Legend of Zelda, to Dungeons and Dragons, to My Little Pony, to Jujutsu Kaisen… Out circus has it all brought to life with poi, dance, veil fans, and MORE! Glowsticks encouraged!

Featured is an excerpt from a past year’s performance.

[Light sensitivity and sensitive subject matter warning for event.]

Lip Sync Battle | PG | 7:00pm-8:30pm | Rion West

Join SwampCon for their 2nd annual Lip Sync Battle! In this bracket style battle 16 lucky contestants will lip sync it out to win awesome prizes!

SwampCon Nerdcore Party and Anime Rap Concert | PG | 8:30pm – 10:30pm | Grand Ballroom

Join us for a thrilling anime rap concet hosted by D3KUniverse, featuring Azazus and Florida’s top nerdcore artists. Dive into the vibrant world of music inspired by video games, comics, and anime. Dance, connect, and enjoy an unparalleled experience of fun and friendhip!