In order to keep SwampCon safe, allow us to remain family friendly, and comply with University of Florida policies, we have a few rules and guidelines you agree to follow when you attend SwampCon or participate in one of our online events. SwampCon staff reserve the right to eject attendees that do not abide by its rules.

Everything at a Glance

  • Registration opens at 9:30AM both Saturday and Sunday on the Ground Floor breezeway! You MUST go through registration to enjoy the con. If you attempt to enter an event, panel, or other activity without a wristband you will be sent to Registration. There are two lines for registration: One for pre-registration and one for at-con registration. You can pre-register through our EventBrite linked here! Pre-registered attendees can show their digital ticket via printout or on their phone. Those who pre-register are entered in a chance to win a free VIP pass. UF students should have their UFID or UFID number on hand as it will be needed for registration
  • WHAT TO BRING – Your phone, wallet, and keys are essentials for any outing! We recommend having a water bottle that you can refill at any of the water fountains within the Reitz Union. There are multiple food locations within the venue and in walking distance of the Reitz Union, but feel free to bring snacks for yourself!
  • BAGS – Any bags larger than 6″x6″ will be subject to a bag check at registration! We encourage attendees to use clear bags whenever possible to help expedite the process. Alcohol, Tabacco, vape pens, drugs, fireworks, explosives, silly string, bubbles, glitter, and air horns are prohibited for this event. Please respect that UF is a smoke-free campus!
  • PROPS – ALL props must be checked in at registration. Prop check is at the end of both registration lines. Any prop weapons must be clearly marked. Prop firearms must have orange or red tips and have no projectiles. Prop swords and other martial weapons should be blunted and sheathed at all times. Under no circumstances should props be aimed at, swung at, or hit against any attendees. Please refer below for any further information. UF Student Activities & Involvement as well as J Wayne Reitz Union staff will have the right to make any final decisions on the permissibility of any props
  • COSPLAY – All bathing suit areas must be covered for the convention! Additionally, there are some tight hallways and small spaces within our venue so please keep that in mind when selecting a larger cosplay and/or prop.
  • MASKS – KN95s, surgical masks, and cloth masks are all welcomed at the Reitz Union for your protection! Partial face coverings, for safety or for costume, are welcomed but please be aware that full-face coverings will NOT be allowed while roaming the convention. All full-face coverings must be easily removable and should only be worn for stationary photo opportunities
  • ACCESSIBILITY – All SwampCon events are wheelchair accessible! Any recorded events from SwampCon will be captioned at a later date and uploaded to our YouTube. If you are in need of assistance during the convention, please reach out to a volunteer or staff member. If you have a specific request for ADA accommodations please email or
  • SEE SOMETHING? SAY SOMETHING! – SwampCon staff are all dedicated to ensuring everyone has the most fun this weekend. If you see any suspicious behavior, please notify a volunteer (designated by their white sash and/or red badge) or a staff member (designated by their pink badge) immediately or call UFPD at 911.
  • COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT – Please ask before photographing, hugging, or otherwise touching another person. Please avoid asking cosplayers for photos while they are eating, in the bathroom, or in a lounge space. If someone is harassing you, please let a volunteer or staff member know.
  • PARKING – Check out here for an updated parking guide. Please note that Sunday Morning, 8AM-12PM, that Gale Lemerand Dr will be closed.. The Reitz Union garage will only be accessible from Center Rd off of Archer Rd. Attendees will still be able to park in the O’Connell Center Parking Lot entering from 2nd Ave or park in Garage 4 on the East side of campus accessible from Museum Rd off of 13th St. Once the restriction has lifted, attendees are welcome to park in Garage 5 on Gale Lemerand Dr.
  • For any other questions please check the other pages, message us on Instagram, or reach out to ! We cannot wait to see you for this legendary weekend of fun!!!

Covid Policy

  • Masks are welcome at all times for SwampCon. KN95 masks are encouraged over surgical ones.
  • The designated eating areas are the 1st Floor of the Reitz Union, which has the Food Court, and any outdoor tables. If you are attending SwampCon and are eating outside of the designated areas, you will be asked to move.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly and often! There are sanitation stations all around the Reitz Union, please use them!
  • We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to be fully vaccinated and boosted before attending SwampCon: Pantheon!
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of sickness, (ie. fever, coughing, sore throat, nausea, etc.) please do not come to SwampCon! We will be streaming out Main Events and uploading videos of other events and attractions later on to enjoy.
  • We appreciate and encourage you to kindly inform other attendees at the con of our policies on masking and eating. Not everyone will see the signs or posts, don’t be afraid to gently remind someone to keep a mask on and protect the con!


  • Hate speech, bigotry, and violence against minority groups is strictly against both our rules and our values. We are LGBT-friendly, and welcome people of all ages, races, cultures, beliefs, and genders.
  • Attendees are expected to treat each other, J. Wayne Reitz Student Union employees, SwampCon staff, and SwampCon volunteers with patience and courtesy. Lack of respect for others will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not touch, follow, or repeatedly interact with attendees, guests, or staff unless given express permission. This includes “glomping” or any other unexpected physical contact. If you or someone you know experiences harassment while attending SwampCon, we encourage you to contact us or UFPD as soon as you can.
  • Attendees should treat vendors and artists, as well as their goods, with respect. Damage or theft of art, merchandise, or other booth items will be reported to UFPD.
  • Damage or theft of SwampCon materials, signage, and furniture, or any property belonging to the Student Union, will be reported to UFPD.
  • Attendees are expected to maintain good personal hygiene while at the convention. This includes showering regularly and wearing deodorant.


  • SwampCon is a family friendly convention. Any materials of an explicitly sexual or overly violent nature are not permitted.
  • While not explicitly sexual in nature, our yearly drag show may include strong language, revealing clothing, and songs with lyrics that may not be appropriate for children. For this reason, we ask that a parent or adult guardian accompany attendees that are younger than 18 to the drag show. IDs may be checked before the event.
  • Attendees wearing ahegao-themed merchandise of any kind will be ejected from the convention, and not permitted to return unless they change clothes.
  • Yaoi paddles, while not overtly explicit, are prohibited. Additionally, signs advertising “free hugs” or any other personal contact are not permitted, even if the advertisement is strictly platonic in nature.
  • Artists and vendors are not permitted to sell sexually explicit or violent materials at SwampCon. For more information about what is permitted at our Artist Alley and Vendor Hall, please see Become an Artist or Vendor for our full guidelines.
  • The following themes or “tropes” are especially banned from SwampCon: sexual or extremely violent content involving characters that are minors, sexual content of real people/actors, material that “ships” real people/actors, material that “ships” characters that are siblings or otherwise related, and material that presents sexual assault or harassment in a positive light. Any attendee, artist, or vendor found to be circulating these materials at the convention will be ejected, and may be banned from future attendance.


  • Cosplay is encouraged at SwampCon. However, we advise you to wear a cosplay that is comfortable and easy to maneuver, as some hallways within the Student Union are narrow or difficult to move through during the con.
  • Cosplayers must cover their entire pelvis while at the convention. Thongs, jock straps, and other articles that do not cover the entire posterior are not permitted. Additionally, cosplayers of all genders must cover their chest with at least as much coverage as a bikini top.
  • Cosplayers must wear shoes while at the convention. Shoes may be removed temporarily to take pictures, but they must be worn at all times otherwise.
  • Prop weapons that fire any kind of projectile are prohibited. Prop weapons that resemble real weapons must be clearly marked with orange caps, and should not be pointed at other people. Real firearms and ranged weapons cannot be used as props at SwampCon, even if they are not loaded or lack ammunition.
  • Real bladed weapons worn as part of a costume must be blunted. Blunted weapons must still be sheathed and peace-tied at all times, and should never be drawn. If you do not have a peace tie for your weapon, please report to the Information Desk, where convention staff will assist you.
  • Under no circumstances may a cosplayer swing or otherwise wield a prop weapon, even if there was no intent to cause harm. Cosplayers wishing to brandish a prop weapon for the purpose of pictures should make sure that they are clear of all bystanders before doing so, and should not swing the weapon in order to pose.
  • Do not touch cosplayers without their permission. Do no pressure a cosplayer to hug or otherwise touch you if they initially said no. Finally, do not take pictures of cosplayers without their consent. Harassing cosplayers in this way qualifies as sexual harassment, and will be reported to UFPD.
  • Out of courtesy, please do not ask cosplayers for pictures while they’re eating, in the VIP lounge, or otherwise while they’re resting.


  • SwampCon complies with all University of Florida policies. Please visit to read all of UF’s Regulations.
  • Firearms and bladed weapons are not permitted at SwampCon.
  • Alcohol cannot be sold, distributed, or consumed at SwampCon.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is prohibited on the University of Florida campus.
  • Please abide by all posted parking and traffic regulations while attending SwampCon.