SwampCon is a free, multigenre convention hosted by University of Florida students at the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union. For over ten years, members of the Gator Anime club have volunteered their time and talents to present this event, which celebrates Japanese arts and fashion, gaming, pop culture, cosplay, and performance arts across fandoms.

SwampCon is family friendly, and open to everybody–whether you’re a student, a Gainesville local, or from halfway across the world. We are staunchly LGBT-friendly, and welcome people of all ages, races, cultures, beliefs, and genders. We do not tolerate bigotry, and in order to protect the minors at our event we have strict policies regarding explicit and otherwise NSFW content. Additionally, we comply with all University of Florida policies.

SwampCon: Cirque de Gator is funded through the University of Florida’s Signiture Events program. SwampCon staff do not profit from the production of the event, and are not paid. Every dollar of funding goes directly back into the convention, especially our venue rental fees. Even at a reduced rate, our the Reitz Union isn’t cheap!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to get involved with the con, please contact us! We can also be found on social media @SwampCon. We’re excited to see you at the con!