SwampCon is hosted at the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union on the University of Florida Campus. It is located on Museum Drive, and has an attached parking garage. Its address is:

University of Florida,
655 Reitz Union Drive, Campus,
Gainesville, FL 32611

There is some parking available in the Student Union’s parking garage, and parking fees in this garage are waived on weekends. However, the parking garage is very small, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with other parking options on campus prior to arriving.

Following the construction of the Data Science and Information Technology Building, there is no longer parking available across the street from the Student Union. If walking or taking the bus is a concern for you, we recommend arriving early so that you can park in the Student Union’s parking garage. If not, you may be able to park in any of several parking lots on campus.

SwampCon staff recommends the use of the UF Parking Map or UF Campus Map to find parking day-of. However, this diagram shows where some of the nearby parking garages on campus are located:

You can also park across the street from Southwest Recreation Center, at the parking area that serves the Harn Museum, the Phillips Center, and the Florida Natural History Museum. Please check one of the linked maps for directions to that parking area.

Several buses run between that parking lot and the Student Union, including Route 20. We recommend checking the Ride RTS Real Time Map for current active bus routes around campus.

Wherever you park on campus, please ensure that you’re abiding by all posted signs. While most parking restrictions on campus are lifted on the weekends, signs near each parking location should indicate the specific times and areas where this is true.