Pop Pastel

Hello everyone! My name is Jenn and I’m excited to be back at Swampcon with some new items this year. Come check out my booth in the vendor hall and pick up some cute goodies
I’m running a Kickstarter to patent my Pin to Earring and Necklace converters, please consider supporting or sharing any posts about it that are on my IG

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The Venerable Viking

  1. Hail! My name is Kelly Nall and my brand is The Venerable Viking. I create pyrographic woodburned and engraved artwork, handcrafted TTRPG game accessories, primitive Viking rune jewelry as well as engraved art and gifts. You can see my art at I am excited to participate in my second year of SwampCon! I cater to the fans of fantasy, sci-fi, Viking, horror and other pop culture themes. I am a huge fan of these genres as well, so I do what I love.
  2. Stop by and see us Vikings! We enjoy our Viking cosplay and love seeing others (of any type!) as well!

Will’s Woodworking

Ohai there! I’m Shawn and I craft things with wood. What in the world is a woodworking guy doing here at this convention you ask? I hand make hardwood tabletop gaming accessories like Dungeon Master Screens, Dice Towers and Vaults, Card/keepsake boxes, and so much more! I use a mix of traditional and modern woodworking techniques to make my hardwood crafts and adventuring gear.

Did you ever want a Black Walnut Screen to step up your Dungeon Master Game, or maybe something made from the surreal Purpleheart and vibrant Padauk. I’ve got a great variety of both domestic and exotic hardwoods to hand make you the perfect addition to aid you on your journey.
–I’ve got a big variety of works you can check out here on my Instagram
— Etsy is my primary platform for selling my crafts at the moment as a hobbyist, and I have quite the variety of wares available.

Small Obsession

Hi! We are Kelly and Heather and we are excited to be back at SwampCon! You can find our linktree at Heather also has a separate group for her wire wrapped crystals called The Earthen Wolf on FB.