SwampCon is presented by University of Florida students through the Gator Anime club. We are not paid, and the convention is a labor of love that we work on around our classwork and other commitments.


Riley Mixson is a senior Theatre and Classics major who is thrilled to be the SwampCon Event Coordinator for the third year in a row! Riley first joined the SwampCon staff in the Fall of 2016, went on to be Panel Coordinator for SwampCon 2019, and has been Event Coordinator since SwampCon 2020. She additionally has been the co-coordinator of the Maid Café since SwampCon 2019. She would like the thank everyone a part of SwampCon past, present, and future for their hard work that has made this event the highlight of her college career. A special thanks goes out to her friends and family for all their support and amazing memories made at the con. Since attending SwampCon in it’s second year it was always a dream of hers to work the convention and every year since joining has been a dream come true. From attendee, to panelist, to general staff, to shadow, to Panel Coordinator, and now Event Coordinator she loves SwampCon with all her heart. Riley hopes you will enjoy this year to the fullest!


  • Mendel Zheng
  • He/Him

Second Year Mathematics major. Stats and philosophy minor. Favorite anime is “Golden Kamuy”, “Sonny Boy” and “Honey and Clover”. Most enjoyed hobby is reading (will be hosting a Japanese literature panel).


  • Marc Perlas
  • He/Him

Our Panel Coordinator is Marc Perlas. The Panel Coordinator is responsible for looking through panel applications and works with the Event Coordinator to create the schedule. Marc is a fourth-year Computer Engineering major and a second-year SwampCon staff member. He enjoys playing rhythm games, in particular DanceDanceRevolution and Beatmania IIDX. They also enjoy reading romcom manga and slice of life anime.


  • Ava Sickler
  • They/Them

Ava is a Freshman at UF who just joined the SwampCon staff this Spring 2023 Semester! They are still exploring their major, but are interested in Graphic Design and the back end of Theatre. Ava has been going to conventions since Middle School, and making props just about as long. They’ve really enjoyed experiencing what actually goes into hosting the cons we know and love, and are excited to continue working with this amazing team! Some of their favorite slices of fandom are Helluva Boss, Full Metal Alchemist, BioShock, Deadpool, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Fallout!


  • Dinara Mukhtarova
  • she/her

Meet our talented Contest Chair at SwampCon, a passionate sophomore at the University of Florida studying Digital Arts and Sciences. With an unwavering love for video games and cosplaying, she is the perfect candidate for organizing and hosting contests that will excite and engage our attendees. Her dedication and enthusiasm towards her work makes her a valuable asset to the SwampCon team, and we are grateful for her contribution to our event’s success.


  • Maegan Conlon
  • She/Her

Maegan Conlon is a BFA Costume Design and Technology student with UF’s School of Theatre and Dance. This is her second year serving as the SwampCon Volunteer Coordinator. She is also the Sewing Coordinator for SwampCon’s Maid Cafe, and a member of Cospoi! When not working on school or SwampCon, Maegan enjoys designing costumes, playing video games, making art, sewing, and crocheting! Outside of UF, she serves as the Resident Costume Designer for the Chicago-based Jones Classical Theatre. Maegan’s favorite SwampCon event is the Maid Cafe, and her current favorite anime is Nana. She can’t wait for y’all to see the hard work everyone has been putting in for this year’s SwampCon!


Our Social Media Manager is Jaws. The Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing our social media accounts, responding to comments, and making posts advertising the con.


  • Vinyl Lebolo
  • They/Them

As the Secretary Vinyl is in charge of meeting notes, assisting coordinators, and relieving the event coordinator from over working herself. They are a second year computer science major with a minor in Japanese, they’ve been attending conventions for almost 10 years, with this being their first year as an official part of the Swampcon team. Their favorite anime is Maid Sama and My Hero Academia. You can usually find them sporting a Bakugou cosplay as it is the easiest. Vinyl is also apart of the Swampcon Maid Cafe.


  • Gus
  • Any

Hi I am Gus, probably one of the few people outside UF but work closely within the instructional part in public education. I am from Cartagena, Colombia. Migrated 15 years ago, love anime, sweets, cute and gorey things like Junji Ito and Hello Kitty. For the future I am aiming to have a job in the Linguistics Department of UF.


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