SwampCon is presented by University of Florida students through the Gator Anime club. We are not paid, and the convention is a labor of love that we work on around our classwork and other commitments.


Riley Mixson is a senior Theatre and Classics major who is thrilled to be the SwampCon Event Coordinator for the third year in a row! Riley first joined the SwampCon staff in the Fall of 2016, went on to be Panel Coordinator for SwampCon 2019, and has been Event Coordinator since SwampCon 2020. She additionally has been the co-coordinator of the Maid Café since SwampCon 2019. She would like the thank everyone a part of SwampCon past, present, and future for their hard work that has made this event the highlight of her college career. A special thanks goes out to her friends and family for all their support and amazing memories made at the con. Since attending SwampCon in it’s second year it was always a dream of hers to work the convention and every year since joining has been a dream come true. From attendee, to panelist, to general staff, to shadow, to Panel Coordinator, and now Event Coordinator she loves SwampCon with all her heart. Riley hopes you will enjoy this year to the fullest!


Our Financial Coordinator is Ash Comiskey. The Financial Coordinator doubles as Gator Anime’s Treasurer, and is responsible for fundraising, managing expenses, writing contracts with vendors and performers, and submitting budget requests to UF’s Student Government.

Ash is a fourth-year Computer Science major through the College of Engineering. They are an artist and writer, and love video games. Their current favorites are Dishonored, Apex Legends, and Minecraft (obviously). They also enjoy horror, especially when the final girl wins.


Our Panel Coordinator is Kensi. The Panel Coordinator is responsible for for managing panel submissions, and works with the Event Coordinator and Contests Chair to create the schedule.


Our Guest Coordinator is Jessie. The Guest Coordinator is responsible for reaching out to new guests, coordinating with current guests, and reviewing suggestions for guests that SwampCon could invite in future years.


Our Exhibits Chair is Michaela Isaacs. The Exhibits Chair is responsible for reviewing artist and vendor applications, keeping contact with artists and vendors presenting at the con, working with our venue to make sure everyone has sufficient space, and managing payments and fees.


Our Contests Chair is Megan. The Contests Chair is responsible for managing contest entries, finding judges, and issuing awards. She works with our Event Coordinator and Panel Coordinator to devise the convention schedule.


Our Volunteer Coordinator is Maegan Conlon. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for gathering and coordinator our volunteers, running volunteer training, and managing volunteer shifts.


Our Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair is Sam. The Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair is responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors, working with our partner conventions, and providing advertising materials to the Design Team.


Our Social Media Manager is Jaws. The Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing our social media accounts, responding to comments, and making posts advertising the con.


Our Secretary is Natalia. The Secretary does the invaluable job of taking notes during staff meetings, compiling documentation, and helping schedule staff meetings.


Our Design Team is a coalition of several student artists and graphic designers, all of whom provide their talents for free to the con. They design our mascots, make our promotional materials and advertisements, and make our web graphics.

Our Design Coordinators are Mason and Fio.


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